Jamey Ragle

Evangelist, Life Building Ministries | www.jameyragle.org

Jamey and Patty Ragle grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and became followers of Jesus Christ at a young age. Jamey and Patty praise God for over 30 years of marriage and the blessing of having three precious daughters and two grandchildren. In the early days of their marriage Jamey was already serving in the ministry as a musician. Soon afterward Jamey and Patty followed the call of God for Jamey to begin speaking. Since 1976 God has given Jamey the opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ through song and sharing God’s word across the country and around the world. Jamey has served both as a youth pastor and senior pastor. He has traveled extensively speaking in churches, at youth camps, university campuses, football stadiums, school assemblies, conferences, in home Bible studies, corporate meetings, and Reach the Planet Crusades. Jamey was humbled at the opportunity to travel to Japan and share the gospel with the United States Navy.

Jamey and Patty have a vision for the future of Life Building Ministries. They want to share the love of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible believing that Jesus is real, Jesus is coming again, and his return could be soon. Jamey shares from his heart how we can take the journey from brokenness to wholeness. How Jesus Christ will set you free from the strongholds of the enemy and breathe new joy into your broken life. Jesus Christ can make a difference in your life. God’s word is filled with examples of redemption. Jamey and Patty want you to come alive in Christ!

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